Best Practices for Capturing Leads with Marketing Automation


If you are looking for an effective way to broaden the reach of your company, utilizing marketing automation may be the solution you are looking for. The term “marketing automation” refers to certain software developed specifically for companies looking to better promote themselves using online platforms, such as email or social media. There are a variety of ways in which investing in a marketing automation system can benefit your company by capturing more leads.


An example of marketing automation is through email marketing; when a company invests in a marketing automation software, they will become equipped to incorporate automated email as a part of how they promote themselves, their company, and the products and services they provide.

Automated email marketing is an excellent tool to secure more leads, as the process makes it fast and easy to send information about your company to current and potential clients. Using automated marketing software, the trouble is taken out of communicating new information about products and services to clients. No longer do business need to make cold calls to clients to secure leads; by having easy access to new promotion information right from their inbox, current and potential clients will be more likely to give you their business, making this a great tool to efficiently secure more leads.

One feature of marketing automation tool that makes email marketing very effective is the email tracking software it includes. This software allows you to see which contacts opened the emails, and whether or not they followed any links, allowing you to easily measure important CRM analytics. By using email tracking to see which campaigns had the most email activity, businesses can determine how to secure the most leads with future email campaigns.


Social Media Marketing

As the number of social media users around the world rises, it is important for businesses to stay in the loop of technology and utilize everything it has to offer. One of the best ways both new and established companies can promote themselves and measure important CRM analytics is through social media marketing.

With dozens of social media platforms available, it can be difficult to maintain promotions across them all, but by using marketing automation software, the process can become much more manageable.

For example, by streamlining social media into one workflow, it makes it easy for those in charge of marketing to post to all social media accounts from one page, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The software also includes a lead capture feature, allowing you to search social media platforms for keywords, telling you who’s talking about you, and who’s talking about your competitors, relaying information from customers to companies, making it more clear what the business can do to secure more leads and get more business. These features are what make automated marketing such an effective tool for growing your client base, as well as improving your business as a whole.


Combating Exit Intent

When an email or social media marketing campaign goes well, new leads will be drawn to your website for more information. These leads have already shown interest in the promotion featured by the email or social media post, and they will come to the website to learn more. However, some leads will look around the site for moment, and then decide to leave without very much consideration for the product or service.

In order to combat this (which is known as “exit intent”), marketing automation offers what are known as “smart popups.” When a lead goes to exit your website, a popup will show with a customized messaged based on the behavior of the visitor. If the visitor was new to the site, they may receive a message that thanks them for the visit, and offers them the chance to receive a coupon or newsletter if they provide an email. This software also combats cart abandonment by offering specialized discounts and cross-product recommendations, making it easier for undecided customers to complete the purchase, leaving you with a better bottom line and a happy customer.

With the progression of advancements in computers and networking, there are now more marketing tools and platforms available to businesses than ever before. In order to compete with other businesses, it’s important that marketing teams for all companies consider using the tools made available by marketing automation software to capture more leads than ever.


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