Why should you Learn Quran Online?


Quran is the fundamental aspect of Islam. A person’s faith is dependent upon his faith in this Holy Book. We cannot emphasize enough how much it is important for a person to learn and graspthe knowledge revealed in Quran. It is one of the divine blessings that Allah has bestowed upon Muslims for his love for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Allah increases the rank of people who recite Quran. Even a person who recites Holy Quran is surrounded by angel and will get the rewards in this world and hereafter. Allah has promised enormous bounties and rewards for the one who learn Quran with heart. For people who are unable to Read Quran can even now Learn Quran Online.

Importance of Tajweed

Tajweed is an important part of recitation of the Holy Quran. If a person is unable to read Quran in the proper way i.e. according to the rules of Tajweed then he might be committing sin which he will have to face on the day of resurrection. For this purpose, there are also online Quran academies where scholars and qualified trainers help an individual to learn in a more conducive fastfoodjuiceplusmagazine manner which overall enhances the learning experience. The whole system is designed in a manner to impart great knowledge to the Muslim Ummah from all around the world. Anyone from any part of the world can join these academies to avail numerous benefits and rewards in this life and hereafter. It is written in Quran that a person who recites Quran is loved by Allah and His angels. His good deeds are increased and sins are washed away. The blessings of this book are vast. Quran will protect its reciters on the day of Judgement

Learning Quran for kids

There is a large part of the society that has to struggle to learn the holy book. This is for the reason that Quran was revealed in Arabic which is not a native language for majority of people. This results in an apprehension for some people in the learning process. Parents feel apprehensive in teaching Quran to their kids as they feel that they might not be proficient and lack expertise in Arabic language. For this reason, online trainers are available that can help teach the kids Quran with Tajweed. Kids are more receptive to learning as their brains learn faster as compared to adults. Once they learn Quran online from a qualified reciter they become proficient in Qirat and recitation. These kids when grown up and becomes parents can easily impart the knowledge to their own kids by teaching them Quran. There are softwares available across internet that helps parents and kids to learn the basics of Quran. Apart from this skype sessions are also available to help parents to teach their kids Quran.

Softwaresand applications for learning Quran

The applications and softwaresfor learning Quran online have brought convenience in reading the Holy Book in correct manner. Tajweed is a set of rules devised for reading the Quran properly. A person is even able to read and learn Quranwith Tajweed through these applications.


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