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Life should be lived to its fullest. You are young. You want a life that is fun and exciting. Part of that is going out and meeting new people who could become lovers. It may be the case that you have already met someone special. The passion sparked by that first encounter overcame you both. You talked, drank, kissed, and ended up back at your place or theirs. From there, the night is a blur. All you recall is that you had unprotected sex. This fact has been bothering you for some time. In fact, it has consumed you. It has all you’ve thought about over the past few weeks

If you are worried over whether you’ve contracted a sexually transmitted disease, you should get tested immediately. Ordering a STD panel can put your mind at rest. It can give you the answer you need to put the whole episode behind you and get on with your life.

The symptoms of most STD start appearing with a few weeks. If that time has passed, then you should get on with getting tested. It is the only way you can be sure of your status. Even if three weeks or even a month has passed and you have seen no symptoms, you should still get a STD panel. Even if you are still seeing the person you had unprotected sex with, you should get the test. Even if you are still seeing them and have started using protection, you should get the test done. Unprotected sex with someone you don’t know is in all circumstances high-risk behavior. Getting tested is the best means of verifying your status.

It is no doubt difficult to live as a single person in today’s world. There are more opportunities for romance and sensual gratification. But there are also more risks associated with going out and becoming intimate with new people. Your first priority must be to look after yourself. It is pure myth to think you can discern someone’s health just by looking at them. People who look perfectly normal, who possess not an outward sign of illness, may carry an STD. On the other hand, someone who looks a bit weary and ill, who may even have a slight cough, may be free of STD and merely suffering from a seasonal cold.

Science and medicine are the only ways in which you can know your status. Do not put your health and life in the hands of old myths and superstitions. If you have slept with someone without a condom, then you are at risk. There is no two ways about it. Although you can’t take back what you did, you can move forward in a sensible manner. You can get accurate information about the state of your health. It is better to know than not to know. Armed with the right information you will be able to make a positive step forward. If there is a problem, you will be able to start the process of solving it.

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